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Better understand yourself, increase your confidence, enhance your ability to deal with set-backs & improve on communicating your needs.

All this can happen as a result of being listened to in a sensitive and totally confidential environment.

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My Story

My name is Jamie Calder. I have gained a lot of valuable experience working as a Mental Health Nurse over the last ten years, in both acute admissions and in a community setting. What has been most worthwhile about my job is the relationships I have had helping people with a wide range of mental health difficulties of varying severity.

I am now, after further training at the College of Holistic Medicine, in a privileged position to be able to offer a therapy that can make a real difference in promoting health and wellbeing.

Counselling has played a part in helping me along the way on my own journey of personal growth and development. Now, as a therapist in my own right, counselling continues to enrich my life by meeting and helping people along the way with their own journey.

With ongoing supervision and professional development I am passionate and dedicated in my practice. I know how debilitating depression, anxiety and stressful life circumstances can be, however, in meeting and working through them our most negative experiences can become our most positive. Becoming healthier and more satisfied in our lives is possible and counselling can be of help in getting you there.

Jamie Calder

BN (Mental Health), RMN

Adv. Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling


You will be provided with a safe space where you can be yourself, free from judgement, enabling you to explore your thoughts and feelings and deepen the relationship you have with yourself.

You will have an opportunity to gain greater awareness allowing for change and a moving beyond your difficulties towards a sense of recovery and healing.

How you are now with whatever problems you have can change and you can become better equipped in facing any further adversity.

A Trauma Informed, Person Centred service is provided offering a flexible approach integrating therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy depending on what may be most helpful in promoting recovery and healing.



If you are drawn to counselling as something that may help you then there is a good chance that it will. Whether you would like an opportunity to explore a general sense of dissatisfaction in your life or if you have a particular problem that you would like to examine in order to resolve then counselling is designed to help.

Common concerns that people come to counselling with are:



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I am based in Giffnock, Glasgow. Please contact me directly on 07834 240 425 to arrange a suitable appointment.